Yohimbine Extract Review


YohimbeYohimbine is an extract derived from the bark of the yohimbe tree, which grows in Central Africa. It is often used as a veterinary drug to reverse sedition in animals, and it has been used in traditional medicine in West and Central Africa for decades.

Many supplement manufactures label yohimbine as an aphrodisiac and as a weight loss supplement. In addition, it may have a several other benefits, although research is limited due to the hih potential for side effects and the relatively low toxicity level.

Yohimbine and Sexual Dysfunction

Although yohimbine is often used as a weight loss supplement nowadays, its original intention was to reduce erectile dysfunction in men. In the 1960s, researchers combined yohimbine with another compound called methyl testosterone.

They found at after 2-3 weeks, men taking this concoction were able to eliminate their erectile dysfunction and improved their overall performance. Researchers attributed this to increased cGMP levels, which are needed to stimulate and maintain an erection.

A recent review of yohimbine clinical trials did not find such dramatic results. Instead, this review found that yohimbine only had a minor effect on erections – although it was considered to be a notable aphrodisiac. Still, researchers were not as convinced with their findings as the researchers in the 1960s.

Yohimbine and Mental Issues

There is some limited data to suggest that yohimbine may be useful in treating alcohol dependance and certain mental issues like anxiety or stress. Some research suggests yohimbine may help those suffering from the effects of alcohol withdraw get through their symptoms to break their dependance on alcohol.

Other research suggests that people with anxiety may see an improvement with yohimbine, although it is also reported that it may cause anxiety too, so researchers do not fully understand the effects yohimbine has on anxiety.

Yohimbine – The Next “Big Thing” In Weight Loss?


Lately, yohimbine is being called “the next big thing in weight loss. We’ve already gone over the most popular supplements for weight loss like garcinia cambogia extract and forskolin extract, so how does yohimbine measure up?

In this study, yohimbine reduced the body fat percentage of soccer players from 9.3% to 7.1% in just 21 days. Considering how low the average body fat percentage was at the beginning of the study and the percentage at the end of the study, these results are considered very significant.

Other studies have found similar results, although not quite to the extent as the study mentioned above. Yohimbine is seen as a legitimate weight loss supplement, although it may come at a cost.

Side Effects of Yohimbine

The biggest problem with Yohimbine is that there are several notable side effects, which occur quite frequently. Side effects may include: rapid heart beat, kidney failure, seizure, heart attack, nausea, high blood pressure, sleep problems, difficulty breathing, and several more.

Yohimbine also interacts with several different prescription medications, most notable anti-depressants. It is NOT safe to use yohimbine while taking anti-depressants and the effects can cause very severe side effects like the ones mentioned above.

Is Yohimbine Worth Taking?

When you look at all the facts, you’ll probably realize that taking Yohimbine simply is not worth trying. While it may be a legitimate weight loss product, there are just too many side effects and drug interactions to warrant you risking your health to lose a few pounds.

There are numerous documented cases of severe side effects, and a few deaths have even occurred due to people consuming toxic levels of yohimbine. Sadly, we do not think Yohimbine is worth trying at all.

If you’re looking to lose weight, then we’ve reviewed a great weight loss supplement here for you to consider. If you’re interested in the sexual enhancing effects of yohimbine, then we recommend you consider a supplement like maca extract instead of yohimbine.