Xwerks Grow Protein Powder Review


Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.32.48 AMThe most important thing you can do after a workout is re-supply your muscles with protein and other nutrients so that they can heal and grow. Most people use protein shakes after a workout for this exact reason.

Just recently, we received a sample of a brand new whey protein isolate supplement made by Xwerks, a nutrition company based out of Florida. We’ve actually reviewed the flagship product made by Xwerks, called Xwerks Ignite as well. Since we’ve found Ignite to be our favorite pre-workout of choice, we were extremely excited to try Xwerks Grow for ourselves.

What’s in  Xwerks Grow?

Xwerks Grow is a whey protein isolate product sourced from “naturally raised New Zealand grass-fed cows.” As Xwerks’ site explains, this means there are no hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides that can be passed onto you.

Since Grow is an isolate, this means that it is manufactured through micro filtration to provide you with almost 100% pure protein. Each serving of Grow contains 25g of protein per serving with almost no lactose, carbs, or fats.

The microfiltration process also keeps beneficial protein substances called native micro fractions in grow as well. Xwerks claims Grow includes several of these protein substances like alpha lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, immunoglobulin, and lactoperoxidase.

Grow also contains several naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients vital to maximizing your gains and supporting recovery after a workout. Here is a complete list of ingredients per the official label on Grow:

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.34.46 AM

Benefits of Xwerks Grow

Thanks to Xwerks Grow’s superior processing and sourcing methods, Grow has the following benefits for its’ users:

  • Muscle growth and repair
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Anti-oxidative effects
  • Easily digestibly
  • Great flavor
  • Easily mixed with milk, water, or other liquids

Xwerks Grow – My Personal Experience

As a huge fan of Xwerks Ignite, I was stoked to receive a sample bag of Xwerks Grow. I normally take Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey, so it was nice to try a different brand for a change.

The packaging on Xwerks Grow is sleek much like its’ counterpart Ignite. One the first day I received my Grow, I took a protein shake after my workout at the gym. I mixed Grow with unsweetened almond milk in my shaker bottle and found that Grow mixed incredibly easy.

My first sip of Grow was glorious. The consistency was smooth and the chocolate flavor didn’t taste overly artificial like many other brands of protein. I found the taste to be quite pleasant, arguably the best tasting protein I’ve ever had.

One thing I was specifically paying attention to was whether or not I felt bloated at all after drinking my shake. Apparently Xwerks wasn’t lying when they said that Grow was easily digestible. I felt no bloated feeling and I didn’t experience any of the other potential nasty side effects like diarrhea, upset stomach, or nausea.

Overall, my first experience with Xwerks Grow was awesome. The consistency and taste were both spot on and I was thankful to find a brand of whey protein that didn’t make me feel terrible afterwards. I 100% approve Xwerks Grow and I’ll be purchasing Xwerks Grow on a monthly basis instead of buying ON’s Gold Standard.

Where to Buy Xwerks Grow

If you’d like to buy Xwerks, you can do so on the Official Website of Xwerks. The cost is the same as Xwerks Ignite at $49 per package, which will likely last me a month or so. This may seem more expensive than other brands but I truly believe the quality and taste are well worth paying the extra few bucks for.

If you’d like to try Xwerks Grow, which I recommend you do, then feel free to go The Official Website of Xwerks to learn more about Xwerks Grow.