Whitening Coach Review – Does it Work


Unfortunately for many people, what they see when they look in the mirror is alarming and saddening. We’re talking about pgl_product1stained, yellow teeth – which often develop for a variety of reasons.

Up until now, there have been few solutions to yellow teeth. You could get your teeth professionally done, but this often costs upwards of $500-1000. Not many people can afford to pay that out of pocket.

Thankfully, a new solution called Whitening Coach promises to whiten and shine teeth so you have a beautiful, glowing smile once more. Since its’ launch, Whitening Coach has helped thousands of people just like you whiten and shine their teeth. If you haven’t heard of this incredible teeth whitening kit, then listen up, because it can change your life.

What is Whitening Coach?

Whitening Coach is a natural teeth whitening system that works towards cleaning, whitening, and shining your teeth. This powerful formula works quickly to help you eliminate stains on your teeth so your smile is bold and beautiful once more.

The Whitening Coach system is a simply three step system to help you whiten your teeth immediately and keep your teeth white for at least a month. Here’s how it works:

  • Teeth Whitening Gel – this high viscosity gel contains 22% carbamide peroxide – a safe, proven ingredient that helps scrub your teeth clean.
  • Dental Dam: This custom application tray is specifically shaped to whiten more of your teeth than common teeth whitening systems.
  • Custom Applicator: The custom applicator maximizes air flow to your teeth, which activates the ingredients in the teeth whitening gel, keeping your teeth white and shiny for at least a month.

Does Whitening Coach Really Work?

Based on what we’ve found about the active ingredient, carbamide peroxide, we think Whitening Coach can truly help you whiten your teeth – at least to an extent.

While it is true that you cannot permanently whiten your teeth once the enamel is gone, carbamide peroxide has been shown to whiten teeth for a lengthy period of time.

You’ll definitely see an improvement in the color of your teeth when taking Whitening Coach and if you use it as directed, it could be semi-permanent.

Whitening Coach Free Trial

Whitening Coach is offered as a free trial offer, which means you can try Whitening Coach before you buy it. You’ll have to pay a small shipping and handling charge and Whitening Coach will be shipped directly to our door.

If you like your results, then you’ll receive another kit once your trial period ends so you can continue to whiten and shine your teeth.

Conclusion – Should You Try Whitening Coach?

Whitening kits may have gotten a bad rep in the past, but the quality of products has dramatically improved over the last two years. Whitening Coach is certainly one of the legitimate teeth whitening kits on the market and since you can try it before you buy it, we recommend giving it a shot.