TS Health Review


TS Health LLC is one of the leading online retailers for nutritional supplements & skincare products. Based out of Arizona, TS Health sells a variety of supplements in the diet, bodybuilding, and anti-aging categories. Using proprietary ingredients, customers can expect fast, effective results, which is why the company continues to grow exponentially each year.

Read on to learn more about the many products sold by TS Health & how they can help you reach your health goals.

TS Health LLC Products

So what are some of the popular products sold by TS Health? According to the official website, here are some products sold by TS Health:

Meta Garcinia Slim

This all natural weight loss supplement harnesses the power of HCA extract found in garcinia cambogia to help control your food cravings and to block fat. It’s very similar to many garcinia supplements we’ve reviewed (like infinity garcinia & flawless garcinia) in that it uses 60% HCA extract and doesn’t contain any cheap fillers. With Meta Garcinia Slim, you can guarantee quick, steady weight loss.

Meta Green Cleanse

Meta Green Cleanse contains chlorogenic acid, the active ingredient in unroasted coffee beans, to boost your metabolism and to help you fight off fat. Combining this product with Meta Garcinia Slim can help you trim your waistline and help you reach your weight loss goals faster than you ever imagined.


Crevboost is a natural, safe way to increase your testosterone levels and your performance at the gym. It’s proprietary blend of ingredients helps to accelerate muscle recovery after workouts so your muscles can repair and grow larger and stronger.


As the name would imply, Testaboost also helps to increase testosterone levels. However, this product is geared towards male vitality and virility. In other words, Testaboost is the supplement to help you in the bedroom. When combined with Crevboost, the results are astounding.

My Glamorous Skin

My Glamorous Skin helps your skin regenerate and revitalize its’ natural healing processes so you can improve the look and feel of your skin. Using proprietary ingredients like Matrixyl® 3000 and Deniskin®, My Glamorous Skin can moisturize, heal, and repair your skin while helping to eliminate the many signs of aging.

My Dazzling Skin

This eye serum specifically targets skin issues around the eyes and using its’ clinically studied ingredients, My Dazzling Skin works quickly to remove crow’s feet, puffy eyes, saggy skin, and other skin problems on and around your eyes.