Tribulus Terrestris: The Secret to Male Enhancement?


help-men-fight-sexual-issuesMen are always looking for a natural solution for male enhancement and despite the hype about many products, most men end up disappointed. This is why men often try crazy and bizarre products that all promise to deliver the same thing – male enhancement.

One of the few herbal extracts that has show promise for providing some real results in men comes from a plant commonly found in North America called tribulus terrestris. This flowering plant could just be the secret to natural male enhancement, although data is still fairly limited.

Regardless, researchers are still hopeful that tribulus can be the solution men have long been looking for. So what is tribulus terrestris and what can it do for men?

What is Tribulus Terrestris?


Tribulus Terrestris is an annual plant in the Caltrop family that typically thrives in dry climates where few other plants can survive. It may also be called cat’s head, devil’s weed, puncture vine, or tackweed.

In North America, tribulus is known as a noxious weed and an invasive species. It can be harvested and consumed as a supplement and it has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Today, it is commonly used as to treat sexual dysfunction and by bodybuilders, who claim tribulus can restore natural testosterone production.

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris


Tribulus is one of the few herbal extracts that have actually been studied for male enhancement. While several rodent studies have been conducted, only a few exist involving real human participants.

In the most notable study, tribulus terrestris improved sperm potency, increased erection quality, and improved sexual libido.

Other studies have discovered other benefits to tribulus terrestris as well. For example:

  • One study found that tribulus terrestris had mild anti-hypertensive effects and may reduce cholesterol as well.
  • Similar studies have also found an improvement in urine output, heart rate, and lower blood pressure as well.

The main benefits surrounding tribulus definitely involve sexual function, which is why tribulus is one of the most common natural supplements for boosting sexual performance.

Tribulus Terrestris and Bodybuilding

Tribulus may be sometimes used as “post cycle therapy”, sometimes referred to as PCT. After a bodybuilder has completed a steroid cycle, they use tribulus terrestris with the assumption it will restore the body’s natural production of testosterone.

However, up to this point, there has been no evidence to support any increased testosterone levels whatsoever. In fact, researchers have found little to any performance-based benefits for bodybuilders at all.

In fact, tribulus has only been used for sexual dysfunction as a supplement in alternative medicine for centuries, despite the claims made by tribulus terrestris manufacturers. It was only in the early 1970s that tribulus was claimed to have anabolic effects on the body.

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Side Effects of Tribulus Terrestris

Surprisingly, tribulus appears to be almost completely side effect free. In all of the studies we linked to above, we could find zero mention of any side effects whatsoever.

Animal studies suggest there may be some muscle coordination issues following the ingestion of tribulus in high amounts, but this has not been linked to anything similar in humans.

A weight trainer claims he saw an increase in breast size while taking tribulus in a herbal tablet, although tribulus was never proven to be the extract cause. Still, people with conditions such as breast or prostate cancer might want to use caution.

In addition, experts suggest women who are pregnant or nursing along with children, avoid taking tribulus, especially considering there is little to no benefit to taking tribulus in these groups whatsoever.

Some experts agree that tribulus may increase the urinary testosterone/epitestosteone ratio, which could also put athletes at risk of failing a drug test. However, no such link has been proven.

Final Thoughts

Tribulus isn’t flashy or glamorous by any means, but it gets the job done. Tribulus is one of the few herbal extracts that can actually help men improve their performance in the bedroom. Any dosage of 85 to 250mg three times daily should do the trick.

Best of all, tribulus is readily available and pretty affordable considering the benefits. Tribulus may be available at your local health store, or you can find it readily available on retailers like Amazon.

Tribulus might not be the miracle solution for male enhancement, but it certainly is going to improve your performance at least enough to be noticeable. All men can benefit from tribulus and it’s one of the few supplements we’ve found that actually works.

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