Smartbiotics® Review


Smartbiotics® is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and sale of a line of probiotic supplements. Smartbiotics hopes to change the  industry through it’s premium assortment of probiotic supplements meant to improve digestion, support the immune system, and enhance overall health.

About Smartbiotics®

Smartbiotics is a new company founded in 2015 to launch a line of probiotic supplements. It appears Smartbiotics is under the larger company Peak Life, which has several products we’ve already reviewed – like Peak Life Prostate.

The company hopes to launch a series of products all targeted towards individuals with specific needs. Their products are made to provide real results to users with the safety of users in mind, which is why supplement ingredients are always made with the highest quality ingredients and formulated by experts who understand the human body.


We’ve already reviewed Probiomune (see our full review here) but to give you a little insight on the flagship product of Smartbiotics®, here’s what you need to know:

Probiomune is an advanced probiotic supplement that works to both increase the amount of good gut flora in your body AND to reduce the harmful bacteria in your body. This two-pronged approach is what makes Probiomune so powerful, and it is currently one of the highest rated probiotic supplements on the market.

As with all current and future Smartbiotics products, Probiomune contains only natural ingredients, including zinc and vitamin C, which help the body absorb the probiotic ingredients in Probiomune, as well as support the immune system.

The current reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for Probiomune, and despite its’ relative “newness” to the market, it has quickly become a top seller. Within months, Probiomune will likely be at the top of the probiotic market.

Other Smartbiotics® Products

Probiomune is currently the only other product currently for sale by Smartbiotics, but the company does plan on expanding its’ line throughout this year and for years to come.

As soon as we get word of any new products, you can be sure we will research and review each individual product to let you know of its’ safeness, effectiveness, and our overall thoughts about it.

Should You Trust Smartbiotics®?

Smartbiotics is committed to serving its’ customers with the highest quality probiotic supplements, and that’s something we think they take very serious. So far, customers have found pleasant results from taking Smartbiotics, and we’ve got no reason to believe that’s going to change any time soon.

Any future product from Smartbiotics will likely be just as effective and as safe as Probiomune, and that’s something we feel confident in guaranteeing to you. As far as supplement companies go, Smartbiotics® is as good as they get.