Pure Forskolin Extract Review


Coleus-ForskohliiForskolin has been the subject of a great deal of controversy lately as some people claim that it is a potent fat burning compound and the secret to safe, long-term weight loss.

Up until now, most people have not heard of forskolin. It has only predominately been used as a natural treatment for asthma and for its’ anti-inflammatory properties. However, new studies suggest that forskolin may be both a fat burner and muscle builder, which has certainly gained the attention of millions of hopeful dieters.

The question is, can forskolin really provide lasting, safe weight loss results.

Forskolin for Weight Loss – Is it Legit?

It’s not secret that the world is rapidly becoming obese. Unfortunately, for many people, their bodies are so far weakened from their weight, that they cannot rely solely on traditional diet and exercise to lose weight. This is where forskolin comes in.

According to researchers, forskolin helps to increase levels of what is known as cyclic AMP, or cAMP. This compound is influential in a variety of biochemical reactions, including lipolysis, testosterone production, bronchial dilation, and hundreds of other processes.

Essentially cAMP is a messenger that works to increase the activity of neurotransmitters that control these reactions. This enables the body to naturally start burning off fat, increases lean muscle mass, and has a host of other beneficial effects on the body.


Forskolin Extract – What Science Says

Unlike past weight loss supplements, we’ve actually got a great deal of clinical data surrounding forskolin. There’s a significant amount of data that suggests that forskolin has several positive effects on the body. Some of the studies include:

  • Study 1: Body Composition and Hormonal Adaptations in Obese Men
  • Study 2: Effects of Coleus Forskohlii Supplementation in Mildly Overweight Women
  • Study 3: Effects of forskolin on cAMP, cGMP and free fatty

Study 1 was the most significant study to date. In the study, 30 men were given either forskolin or a placebo. Researchers noted that men had experienced a significantly significant improvement in bone density mass, free testosterone levels, and a large decrease in body fat mass.

There are dozens of other studies that further support the case for forskolin, although we will not bore you with the technical data. However, research at Penn State University discovered that obese individuals have unusually low levels of cAMP, which may contribute to obesity. Therefore, naturally increasing cAMP through forskolin may be the best way to lose weight.

Is Forskolin Right For You?doctor-oz-forskolin

You may be here simply as a result of the “Oz Effect.” Essentially, anything that Dr. Oz claims to be a miracle seems to set off a marketing frenzy. Just recently, Dr. Oz called pure forskolin extract “lightning in a bottle” and since then the market has gone crazy.

However, don’t just think just because Dr. Oz says forskolin is a miracle that is necessarily right for you.

Whether or not forskolin is right for you is dependent on a few things actually. Forskolin is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers as well as children under the age of 18. Forskolin has not and likely will not ever be tested in these groups and therefore we cannot condone their use.

Also, certain blood thinner seem to interfere with forskolin so you may want to be careful if you’re on prescription blood thinners as your blood might become too thin.

Forskolin Side Effects

We tried finding several side effects of forskolin but really couldn’t locate any common or major side effects. Most side effects associated with forskolin products were due to their low quality or lack of pure ingredients.

Clinical studies have found there to be little to no side effects and therefore we can only go based off of their research. Stomach discomfort and nausea were the two minor to mild side effects listed on any of research studies we linked. In addition, the side effect rate (the % of people who suffer from side effects) was less than 5%, which is very low.

As a result, we won’t say that there is ZERO chance of side effects associated with forskolin, but we will say that the rate is incredibly low. We doubt you will encounter any side effects in the event you try forskolin.

Forskolin Dosage

If you are going to try forskolin, we recommend finding a supplement with around 100mg of forskolin per serving. Always find a product with a 20% concentration of forskolin and make sure there are zero artificial fillers or artificial ingredients.

Buying Forskolin Supplements

Although forskolin may be a fairly new product, there are dozens of forskolin supplements

trying to convince you they’re the best. To make your life easier, here are our requirements for buying a forskolin supplement:

  • 100% forskolin is the only ingredient
  • Forskolin concentration is standardized to 20%
  • The dosage is between 100mg-125mg
  • There are zero fillers, chemicals, or artificial ingredients
  • You know exactly how you will be billed

If you can find a supplement that meets these requirements then we give you the official okay to buy that product. If the forskolin supplement in question fails to meet these requirements, then we recommend you save your money and look for another forskolin product.


If you look at all the evidence, then it would definitely suggest that forskolin is one of the few weight loss supplements that might actually work. We don’t want you to think it is a miracle by any means, but it definitely appears that it can help you lose some extra weight.

If you’re looking for a forskolin supplement, then you’re in luck. We’ve reviewed a few forskolin supplements. You can check our forskolin supplement reviews here.