ProbioStress Review


probiostressProbioStress is the newest supplement from the Smartbiotics® line that promises to relieve stress and to improve digestion by regulating the gut-brain connection. In our review today, we’ll explore whether on to this product can really relieve stress and whether or not it is a supplement worth exploring.

About ProbioStress

As already mentioned, Probiostress is manufactured by SmartBiotics, a company known for products such as Probioslim & Probioslim Advanced.

ProbioStress is meant to act as a dual stress & digestive relief supplement. Its’ active ingredients boost functions like mental clarity, digestion, & hormone regulation (cortisol in particular).

In essence, this product is meant to act as a natural way to relief stress from your everyday life, perhaps as a result of overworking, difficult life events, or just plain old fatigue.

So what can this product do for you? According to the official website, ProbioStress can:

How ProbioStress Works

ProbioStress is known as a Psychobiotic product, which means it connects the brain and the gut together. Essentially, our gut helps to our body product various hormones and enzymes that control our bodily functions – including our mind.

As a result, the ingredients in ProbioStress work quickly to improve your mood and to reduce your stress. As you’ll soon find out, there’s one specific hormone that ProbioStress neutralizes.

Ingredients in ProbioStress

While there are several ingredients in ProbioStress, there are three we really need to focus on All three of these ingredients are considered the “active” ingredients, and they’re all the most important ingredients.

  • LactoSpore – LactoSpore is used in various products from Smartbiotics and its’ main function is to regulate the pH balance in the gut. This can help to settle your stomach and to relieve gas or bloating.
  • WellMood® – WellMood is a proprietary ingredient that regulates the brain-gut connection by reducing levels of cortisol. You’re probably familiar with cortisol because it is known as the “stress hormone.” It is responsible for causing stress & anxiety and can trigger weight gain.
  • KSM-66: Finally, KSM-66 is a strain of probiotics that actively works to combat stress by improving your serotonin levels. This helps to increase your mood and actively works to settle your nerves.

In addition to these three ingredients is an agent known as BioPerine. This customized form of black pepper extract helps your body digest and absorb the other active ingredients.

Side Effects of ProbioStress

ProbioStress was formulated to help you relieve your stress and anxiety – WITHOUT any side effects. From our research, we’ve come to believe it can achieve just that.

Based on user testimonials, we’ve found no evidence of any side effects. All three active ingredients have been studied before and pose no serious risk to your health. We do not believe there are any side effects other than your typical side effects like nausea or headache before your body adjusts.

We should note that following the directions on the label is important though. If you want to safely use this product, it is recommended you take one capsule with a glass of water 2x per day. 60 Capsules come in each bottle, so each bottle is roughly a month’s supply.

How to Buy ProbioStress

ProbioStress is available for purchase for $69.99 per month at retailers like GNC, CVS, or from the official website of Smartbiotics. In addition, ProbioStress does offer a 15-day trial of their supplement if you’d like to try the product before you buy it.