Maca Extract – The Key to Sexual Enhancement?


618_348_seven-supplements-to-take-for-optimal-health-maca-rootIf you’ve been searching for sexual enhancement supplements, then there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled upon an ingredient called maca extract. Grown in the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains, maca has been cultivated as a vegetable crop and used to treat sexual dysfunction for at least 3,000 years.

Those who’ve taken maca extract swear by its’ power to restore hormone balance and increase sexual satisfaction. However, science is not as keen on maca as the solution to sexual problems. Could maca extract really be the key to sexual enhancement or is it just another scam?

What is Maca Extract?

Maca is a plant in the broccoli family and the vegetable resembles a turnip. It primarily grows in the Andes Mountains, although it has been cultivated elsewhere.

The root of the plant is primarily what is seen as having the most health benefits, although the vegetable is rich in several vitamins and minerals.

The root is seen as an aphrodisiac and it affects both genders. It also might work similarly to Finasteride, which is a suppressor of prostate hypertrophy. Early research suggests it may even protect the brain from damage and improve cognitive ability in healthy people.


Meca Extract for Sexual Enhancement

The primary use for maca extract is by far for its’ sexual enhancement effects. Men in particular experience the most notable effects, including erection hardness and quality for a significant amount of time.

The primary mechanism behind this is because maca extract may help increase blood flow to the penis and help trap blood in the penis, which are the two requirements for an erection.

There is also a connection between maca extract and libido. According to several studies, “an increase in libido appears to occur in both men and women following Maca ingestion, which is notable as it is not associated with systemic hormones.”

Basically, Maca extract helps to increase libido regardless of hormone levels (particularly testosterone or estrogen).

Maca Extract for Energy

Maca also contains an excellent blend of nutrients that help support energy levels in the body. Most studies indicate that maca extract can supply the average human adult with 30-60 minutes of energy for some form of high intensity training.

Other Benefits

Maca extract is said to help with the symptoms of depression, balancing hormone levels, and improving overall well-being. It may also have several benefits on the brain, although research is still very preliminary.

One thing is for certain however, and that is how powerful maca extract is for sexual enhancement. It is the gold standard for natural enhancement and it benefits both women and men in the bedroom, which is why it is such a popular supplement.

Side Effects of Maca Extract

For the most part, it seems like there are no side effects of maca extract. The MayoClinic indicates that maca extract is likely safe when taken in amounts found in foods and possibly safe when taken up to 3 grams daily for around four months. Maca is well tolerated by almost everybody and it appears like there are almost no side effects when taking maca powder or extract.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should probably avoid maca extract since the effects are not known. Women suffering from hormone-sensitive conditions may also want to avoid maca since it may act like estrogen.

For the average adult, there will be no side effects – and in the event they are, they will likely be minor in nature. The benefits however, are very real and can manifest themselves within just a few days.

Where to Buy Maca Extract?

Maca extract can be purchased at your local supplement store as well as through various online retailers. You’ll want to look for a dosage between 1-3 grams daily and want a supplement with pure maca extract. It will generally range between $10-40 a bottle, depending on the quality, purity, and whether or not there are other ingredients added.

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