IQ+ Review


iq+IQ+ is a new nootropic product designed to combat the aging process on the brain and to enhance cognitive performance. It is one of the many new natural nootropic products that have recently entered the market. It is frequently sold to entrepreneurs, athletes, and students looking to get an extra mental edge.

IQ+ claims to be the most powerful “legal” smart drug, but can it really back up its’ claims? Read our review to find out.

About IQ+

IQ+ is a natural nootropic product, which means it uses no artificial chemicals or drugs to boost cognitive performance. Using its’ powerful formula, users may experience a number of benefits relating to their overall cognition.

The two main active ingredients include Vinpocetine & Huperiza Serrata, which are said to boost acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine helps to control neurotransmitters in the brain, which control brain functions like memory, focus, and learning comprehension.

Benefits of IQ+

So what exactly should you expect from this product while taking it? According to the manufacturer, these are the numerous benefits:

Most of these benefits do not immediately occur and you’ll need to give the supplement at least a few weeks before you begin to experience anything truly noticeable. In fact, some users wait longer than a month before they evaluate it for its’ benefits, so we do recommend you wait before you really judge the product.

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Side Effects of IQ+

Nootropics are still a relatively new type of supplement, so many people haven’t yet discovered that they are predominantly safe. As for IQ+, we’ve found no evidence of any common side effects or health problems as a result of using the product.

This isn’t to say we can 100% rule out the possibility for side effects, but from our research, there have been little to no reports of any reactions to the product. If you’re unsure about the safety of this product, we recommend consulting with your doctor.

Why IQ+?

There are quite literally hundreds of nootropic products on the market, so it is only fair to wonder – why IQ+? Well, here’s why:

  • Manufactured in the USA: IQ+ is produced right here in the US, which means it has to go through strict quality controls before it is sold to customers. This ensures both your safety and the effectiveness of the product.
  • Quality, Proven Ingredients: Vinpoctine and Huperzine have both been clinically studied and proven to support brain health & functions. There’s absolutely no doubt that you can benefit from taking this product.
  • Thousands of Happy Customers: IQ+ has helps thousands of people just like you transform their cognitive abilities and it can help you too. All you need to do is claim your trial bottle today to take the first step towards better cognitive performance.

IQ+ Trial Offer

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