Force Factor GainZzz Review


img_gainzzzForce Factor GainZzz is an all-new supplement designed to reduce immunosuppression, maintain strength, and to prepare the mind and & body for sleep.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, – this doesn’t sound like a supplement that fits its’ name, but think again. That’s understandable, but when you look into the science of muscle building, you’ll quickly learn how GainZzz can be such a valuable muscle building supplement.

How Does GainZzz Work?

If you find yourself struggling to build up strength or muscle mass, or if you’ve hit the ultra-difficult training plateau, then you might be undervaluing one important aspect of your training routine – sleep…

Why is sleep so important for muscle gains? When we sleep, our body triggers chemical processes that regenerate and repair our muscle tissue, and muscle cells replace themselves with bigger, stronger muscle cells.

If you don’t sleep long or deep enough, it can lead to serious effects.  Most importantly, you’ll miss the vital window that activates the body’s HGH and testosterone production, depriving your muscles of the explosive growth you need.

GainZzz was formulated by Harvard and MIT-Trained Scientists to help you “get asleep quickly and stay asleep” during the essential window that enables the peak production of your anabolic hormones. This will help you limit catabolic breakdown and enable your muscles to rebuild throughout the entire night so you can get every inch of growth possible.

Ingredients in GainZzz

Force Factor lists three different blends of ingredients in GainZzz, with a host of individual ingredients in each blend. The three blends include:

  • Body Recuperation Complex: This includes CherryPURE™ and AuroraBlue® to shorten recovery time between workouts. It also contains Wellmune® to minimize post-exercise immunosuppression.
  • Mind Relaxation Matrix: GainZzz helps promote GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) uptake, which increases alpha brain waves so you feel relaxed and focused.
  • Sleep Rejuvenation Blend: The main ingredient here is melatonin, which has been clinically proven to support and regulate a healthy sleep cycle.


Benefits of Gainzzz

So what exactly can Force Factor Gainzzz do for you? Let’s look at the potential benefits of Gainzzz:

  • Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
  • Reduced immunosuppression
  • Recovery from workouts faster
  • Improved mood
  • Stimulates testosterone and HGH production

Side Effects of GainZzz

From what we could tell, there seem to be no side effects associated with GainZzz. Obviously, you may feel drowsy or tired after taking GainZzz, which is to be expected.

As far as anything serious is concerned, we haven’t found anything that would suggest that GainZzz could cause any major side effects. From the user testimonials we were able to find, we really only found tiredness as the main effect, which is actually the intended purpose – not a side effect.

If you’re unsure whether or not GainZzz is safe for you, we recommend speaking to your doctor. He or she should be able to look at the ingredients label and help you determine whether or not GainZzz is safe for you to take.

Where to Buy GainZzz

GainZzz can be purchased directly from the Official Website of Force Factor™. It is reasonably priced at $39.99 for a one-month supply, which is actually a little cheaper than some of the other sleep aids we’ve reviewed.

Like all Force Factor products, GainZzz comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, which means you have a reasonable amount of time to try GainZzz before your refund period expires.


Is GainZzz Worth Buying?

Force Factor is one of the most respected supplement companies in the business, so its’ no wonder GainZzz is quickly attracting attention as one of the best post-workout recovery products in the industry.

Athletes and bodybuilders would be wise to at least try GainZzz for themselves. With Force Factor’s generous return policy and history of selling high quality supplements, there’s no reason not to try GainZzz.