Fat Loss Factor Program Review


flfenglishFat Loss Factor is one of the most well-known weight loss programs designed to help users safely and naturally lose weight through healthy dieting and living. It was developed by Dr. Charles Livingston, an expert in diet and nutrition.

Let’s be real for a second. Most diet plans and programs you’ve used before probably haven’t worked. You may have tried a number of these plans by now. They just don’t take a realistic or doable approach to weight loss. This is when Fat Loss Factor comes in and saves the day!

How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

Fat Loss Factor is a program split in two main phases. In total, it is a complete 12 week system that utilizes both healthy eating and workouts to help you safely lose weight.

Phase One – Cleansing

The first phase is a detox phase that helps eliminate toxins and waste material that are found in your GI tract. This works similar to a colon cleanse supplement, although instead of using supplements, you’re using natural foods.

Most of the foods during the phase are pure and natural organic fruits and vegetables, which cleanse and purify the body, including the key organs responsible for controlling your metabolism – the liver and kidneys.

Phase Two – The Core Diet and Exercise

Phase two is the main part of the program, which emphasizes healthy eating and dieting. In order to maximize your metabolism, 4-6 smaller meals are recommended instead of the usual 3 main meals.

This program also instills several key concepts to help you lose weight. For example, Dr. Livingston explains you should have the occasional “cheat day”, which will keep your stress levels low and reduce your unhealthy food cravings.

He also claims that it is important to perform HIIT training and strength training, both of which he goes into great detail about. He explains everything you need to do in order to safely and effectively lose weight.

What’s Included

If you decide to purchase Fat Loss Factor, then you’ll receive everything you need to successfully change how you look and feel about your body. You can and will improve your health and you will lose weight.

Once you purchase the program, you’ll receive access to the following:

  • Main E-Book: This is the core part of the program, containing everything you need to know about both phases of the 12-week program.
  • Quick Start Guide: This 19-page guide divides the Fat Loss Factor program into 4 sections. This gives you just the basics of the program.
  • 10 Minute Raw Food Recipes: This ebook lists recipes suitable for following the program. There are 54 pages packed with delicious, healthy recipes to help you lose weight!
  • 10-Piece Bonus Set: In addition to the main books, you’ll also receive 10 additional bonuses including: 1 full year of email coaching, the goal setting guide, 5 sample workout routines, Lori’s special weight loss recipes book, and the liver and body cleansing videos.


How to Buy Fat Loss Factor

You can purchase Fat loss Factor and it directly shipped to your door, or you can download the program. The cost for Fat Loss Factor is $47, which is a limited-time deal off its’ normal price of $97.00.

Look, Fat Loss Factor is not a miracle weight loss program by any means. However, what it is a legitimate weight loss program that uses a very REAL proven approach to weight loss.

Through the healthy diet recipes and exercise routines found in this program, you can and will lose weight. Plus, with a 60-day money back guarantee, you have plenty of time to check out whether or not the program is delivering you the results you desire.

Want to learn more about how Fat Loss Factor can help you lose weight? Go to the official website of Fat Loss Factor and begin your journey to a healthier, slimmer today today!