Enchanted Garcinia Review


enchanted garciniaEnchanted Garcinia is a new garcinia supplement that promises to safely help you lose weight with the power of pure garcinia cambogia extract. According to the manufacturer, you can lose a significant amount of weight simply by adding this weight loss supplement to your daily routine.

Could Enchanted Garcinia be what you need to get a slimmer, healthier body? Read our review to find out!

Enchanted Garcinia – How it Works

According to studies, there are two powerful weight loss mechanisms behind HCA that make it the most powerful weight loss product on the market. They are:

  • Increases serotonin levels: Serotonin is a brain chemical that controls mood, appetite, and a number of other functions. Studies have found an inverse relationship between serotonin and appetite. Therefore, by increasing serotonin levels, you naturally crave and desire to consume less food.
  • Inhibits citric lyase: Citric lyase is one of the few enzymes responsible for the conversion of carbs into fat. Inhibiting this enzyme effectively stops your body’s ability to store fat. Instead, your body actually begins to burn fat, thus leading to weight loss.

What to Expect When Taking Enchanted Garcinia

While it is sometimes advertised as a miracle pill, the truth is you shouldn’t expect to lose 20 pounds overnight. What Enchanted Garcinia can do however is help you steadily and safely lose weight.

Depending on your weight, diet, and exercise habits, you can expect to lose anywhere from 1-2% of your body weight per week. So if you’re a 200lb. man, you can safely expect to lose 2-4 pounds per week. So in a given month, that’s anywhere from 8-18 pounds.

garciniacambogia-1In addition, some of the other benefits we’ve seen include:

Side Effects of Enchanted Garcinia

The best thing about garcinia cambogia is its’ ability to deliver results without causing negative impacts on your health. We’ve found little to no reports of side effects from the average user of Enchanted Garcinia. This doesn’t mean we can’t rule out the potential for stomach discomfort or nausea. However, we’ve seen almost no evidence of any side effects.

As for more serious health effects, we haven’t seen any major negative effects yet. This confirms the reports from published studies that garcinia cambogia is overwhelmingly safe.

*Keep in mind garcinia is only recommended for healthy adults over the age of 18. Those under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing mothers, or individuals with a serious health condition should not take garcinia (or any other weight loss product).

Enchanted Garcinia Free Trial

For a limited time, Enchanted Garcinia is giving away trial bottles of their pure garcinia cambogia product, as well as their fat busting green coffee product. For the best results, you should ideally use both products as they compliment each other very well. If you do so, these two products can help you safely lose weight to achieve a sexier, slimmer body.

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