Diabetes Defeated Program Review


diabetes defeated programDiabetes Defeated is a brand new e-book program written by Dr. Thomas Sully that promises to completely reverse type 2 Diabetes without any expensive medications or unnecessary medical procedures.

Dr. Sully claims to be able to eliminate the symptoms and effects of diabetes using only natural methods found in local grocery stores. Supposedly, this program enables individuals to enjoy their lives without having to worry about diabetes.

How Does Diabetes Defeated Work?

Diabetes Defeated has four basic modules that supposedly help a patient fully eliminate from diabetes. Here are some basic details about each four modules:

Module 1 teaches the basics of diabetes, including what causes diabetes, and the facts about diabetes that are not known by all doctors. Dr. Sully explains the most important details about diabetes, and he gives the secret facts and figures about diabetes in this module.

Module 2 explains how foods increase insulin production in the body, and how foods affect insulin production. He goes on to explain the connection between food consumption and diabetes, and offers the best foods for controlling diabetes using a healthy diet.

Module 3 is meant to help you rev up your metabolism, seeing as most diabetics tend to be overweight. The best foods for weight loss are included as well as a guide to help you lose weight.

Module 4 brings everything together by forcing you to time your meals. According to Dr. Sully, when you eat is almost as important as what you eat, and if you want to eliminate diabetes, you’ll need to time your meals perfectly.

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Is Diabetes Defeated Program a Scam?

It’s completely fair to be skeptical about this program, especially when you consider how many similar programs in the past have turned out to be scams. Is this program just another scam? Let’s look at the facts:

Diabetes Defeated claims to eliminate diabetes through healthy dieting, and there appears to be some evidence for that. WebMD lists 6 foods that help to control blood sugar levels, which is essential for managing diabetes. This Harvard Journal suggests that diabetes can prevented through certain habits, and thus it can also be eliminated through these same methods as well.

We found several other sources that would suggest it is possible to eliminate diabetes, although none were as convincing as the two sources we listed above.


How to Buy Diabetes Defeated

Diabetes Defeated can be purchased online directly from the official website. It costs $39 for complete access to the blog, hidden members area, as well as the main e-book, which is where you’ll find the secret to defeating diabetes.

In addition, Diabetes Defeated comes with a standard 60-day money back guarantee, so you can test out this program for 60 days to see whether or not it really works for you.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Diabetes Defeated?

We are still a little skeptical about Diabetes Defeated, although there does seem to be some scientific evidence behind the program. Healthy dieting and exercise are the two core components to reversing diabetes, so perhaps it is possible to reverse diabetes with this program.

Plus, with a 60-day money back guarantee, you’ve really got nothing to lose. We recommend giving the program a shot, it’s backed by some real science and users so far have seemed to like the program.

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