Dark Storm Nutrition Review


Darkstorm Nutrition, sometimes referred to as DSN nutrition, is a nutritional supplement company that currently sells a pre-workout & post-workout supplement. According to the manufacturer, the duo of products from DSN can significantly enhance performance and increase your results from the gym.

Is DSN preworkout & post-workout right for you? Read our full review to find out!

DSN Preworkout 

dsn preworkoutDSN pre-workout is a premium pre-workout that delivers a potent blast of energy and focus while you workout. Within minutes, you’ll feel a surge of energy unlike any other preworkout can deliver.

This preworkout is specifically designed to enhance your performance and based on the label, we think it truly can.

Speaking of the label,  DSN preworkout contains 3 grams of creatine to increase power & strength output. It also contains arginine, niacin, thiamine, and several other vitamins that are essential to your body’s performance while you workout.

Based on these ingredients, you can expect to see increased strength, higher energy levels, and greater stamina while working out. You’ll be motivated more than ever to lift harder and this is exactly what type of experience you want from a preworkout supplement.

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DSN Postworkout

dsn post-workoutAfter you workout, your muscles need a large number of nutrients to begin the healing and growth process. DSN post-workout contains carnitine, glutamine, tyrosine, and a few other essential nutrients your muscles need to so they can heal, repair, and grow stronger and bigger after you workout.

While we still recommend you drink a quality protein shake after you workout (like Xwerks Grow), this product does contain key vitamins needed for significant muscle growth and repair after you workout.

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How Long Does it Take to See Results?

DSN’s preworkout product should take effect from day one. Preworkout supplements are meant to give you an almost instantaneous boost, and Dark Storm Nutrition’s preworkout does exactly just that.

DSN post-workout takes a little longer if you really want to see results. Post-workout supplements aren’t quite as easy to gauge results from, but one way to do so is to pay attention to how sore you are. It may take some time, but you should feel less sore after you workout after taking the post-workout product. It may take a few weeks to notice it, but eventually you should.

Are There Any Side Effects?

We haven’t seen anything that would suggest there are any dangerous side effects or major health concerns with DSN products. In fact, most of the ingredients found in the pre-workout and post-workout product are properly dosed vitamins & minerals, so there shouldn’t be any side effects.

If you’re over the age of 18, and otherwise healthy, you shouldn’t have any problems with this product. Otherwise, we recommend consulting your doctor before trying these two products.

DSN Trial Offer

You can either purchase Dark Storm Nutrition products from the official website, OR you can claim trial bottles of both the pre-workout & post-workout to try for yourself before buying.

We opted for the trial bottles and were pleasantly surprised, and we recommend you do the same. However, supplies are very limited and typically run out each day (limited number given out per day) so if you’ve got the opportunity to try a bottle of DSN preworkout & postworkout, we recommend you do so.

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  1. I need to know if Darkstorm nutrition will make me fail a drug test. can someone please respond to the E-mail below, and let me know if it is safe to take the supplements I ordered. would truly appreciate it Ty.