Complete Metabolism Review


complete metabolismComplete Metabolism is a powerful thyroid supplement manufactured by Holy Land Health to support a healthy, regular metabolism. According to Holy Land Health, Complete Metabolism “resets” your body’s metabolism to stop weight gain, to balance your hormones, and to improve your overall wellness.

Could Complete Metabolism be what you need to reset your thyroid and to get healthier? Read our review to find out!

What Exactly is Complete Metabolism?

For most overweight adults, the biggest hurdle they’ll need to overcome is a slow thyroid. The thyroid gland is what controls your body’s natural metabolism, which is the rate at which you burn calories. The thyroid also helps to control your mood and stress levels as well.

Complete Metabolism is a thyroid support supplement that works to restore normal thyroid function, which in turn will boost your body’s resting metabolic rate. When your RMR goes up, your body burns more calories when you are not exercising. As you can imagine, this is ideal for weight loss and healthy weight management.

Complete Metabolism was manufactured by Holy Land Health, a company dedicated towards healthy living & proper supplementation. You may be familiar with other Holy Land Health products like Trinity X3 & HL12. All three of these supplements use proven ingredients to deliver results that you can see and feel.

Ingredients in Complete Metabolism

If you’ve seen an ad for Complete Metabolism, then you know there are 7 “biblical” ingredients that can help you restore healthy thyroid function. These seven ingredients include:

  • Tyrosine
  • Ashwagandha Powder
  • Vitamin B12
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract
  • Schizandra Powder
  • Molybdenum

There are no fillers, additives, or dangerous ingredients found in Complete Metabolism. We’re confident that you are adding a safe, healthy, and effective product to your regimen and you should not experience any side effects while taking this product.

Instead, you can expect to see healthy weight loss, better energy levels, and several other benefits while taking this product.

The Three Step Protocol

So we know what Complete Metabolism is and the ingredients in the product, but how does it actually work? If you listen to the manufacturer, there’s a three step protocol for activating your metabolism:

Step 1- Create Thyroid Hormones

In order to boost your thyroid gland, you need to produce more of the hormones that control its’ function. This requires you to have more iodine in your body.

Iodine primarily comes from salty foods, which is why the manufacturer recommends you consume more foods like kelp & bladderwrak. This will help you naturally produce more of the hormones T3 & T4 that control your thyroid.

Step 2 – Activate The Thyroid Hormones

Once you produce more of the hormones that control your thyroid, it’s time to activate them. The program recommends you include more foods in your diet that contain selenium, magnesium, and zinc. These three key minerals will help to activate thyroid hormones.

Step 3 – Release Thyroid Hormones

The final step is to release thyroid hormones. This is where the Complete Metabolism supplement comes into play. The supplement has many of the compounds mentioned above in addition to several other potent natural extracts that support your metabolism and thyroid.

Essentially, Complete Metabolism delivers the exact nutrients your body needs in order to successfully manage healthy thyroid function. This in turn will help you boost your metabolism to manage your weight.

How to Buy Complete Metabolism

The nice thing about Holy Land Health’s Complete metabolism is that it is not a fad diet supplement or just another typical weight loss scam. Its’ ingredients are clinically studied and formulated perfectly to support a healthy thyroid. This is why it is trusted by tens of thousands of individuals each day.

If you want to slim down and get a healthier, trimmed body, then you need to order Complete Metabolism for $69.00 All orders come with a money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The bottom line is this – Complete Metabolism is a real solution to poor thyroid function. If you’re struggling with your weight, then Complete Metabolism is absolutely the right product for you and you WILL see results. We guarantee it.