Brilliant Whites Review – Does it Work?


prod01Do you have brown or stained teeth? Are you struggling to reverse the effects of smoking, soda, or coffee? If so, you should consider trying the #1 rated teeth whitening system, known as Brilliant Whites.

Although permanent teeth whitening may not have been possible just a few years ago, more and more people have found they can actually see results with Brilliant Whites. In fact, every day thousands of people living in the United States and around the globe turn to Brilliant Whites to deliver a white, beautiful smile once again.

How Does Brilliant Whites Work?

Brilliant Whites is a revolutionary new teeth whitening system that quickly and safely whitens teeth through a compound known as “carbamide peroxide.”

Carbamide peroxide penetrates the outer layers of your teeth and helps to scrub away the stained layer of your teeth. It then cleans the teeth and helps to restore whiteness to your teeth that may have been lost due to the consumption of soda, by smoking, or just naturally through age.

Brilliant Whites even linked to a clinical study that tested the effectiveness of carbamide peroxide in 35 adults. After the study concluded, all 35 participants saw a “significant” improvement in teeth whiteness and were overall satisfied with their results.

Is Brilliant Whites Safe?

Brilliant Whites is 100% safe and will not cause any allergic reactions or adverse health problems as a result of using Brilliant Whites. Brilliant Whites uses carbamide peroxide, which is known to be a safe ingredient that will not cause you any side effects whatsoever.

If you’re still concerned about using Brilliant Whites, we recommend you speak to your dentist. We guarantee that he or she will tell you exactly what we’ve told you.


How to Use Brilliant Whites

Using Brilliant Whites is just a simple three-step process:

  • Step 1: Apply 3 small dots of teeth whitening gel onto the mouthpiece portion that will be closest to your visible teeth.
  • Step 2: Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and wear it for 15 minutes.
  • Step 3: Rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water and smile to enjoy your pearly white teeth.

Brilliant Whites and First Class Whitening

For the best results, Brilliant Whites users have reporting using First Class Whitening in combination with Brilliant Whites.

Both products compliment each other perfectly and users of this potent combination have been seeing results almost instantly! There has never been a faster-acting, more effective teeth whitening system than these two products, which is why we recommend you consider trying both products risk-free, which we’ll talk about now.


Brilliant Whites Free Trial

For a limited time only, customers in the US can try Brilliant Whites for themselves to see how amazing this teeth whitening system is. For only the price of shipping and handling, you can get your own Brilliant Whites kit to keep your teeth pearly white.

If that’s not great enough, then you’ll be thrilled to know First Class Whitening is ALSO offering trial kits to spread the word about how incredible their product is.

If you’re tired of looking at unattractive, gross brown or stained teeth, then trying this amazing duo of teeth whitening products is a no brainer. Thousands of people just like you are seeing results and you can be the next success story.

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