Better Essentials Review


better essentialsBetter Essentials is a premium online retailer of 100% pure essential oils, and our top rated essential oils retailer thanks to its’ commitment to selling the highest quality essential oils on the market. Read on to learn more about Better Essentials and all of the products they have to offer.

About Better Essentials

Better Essentials sells high quality, pure essential oils that are GC-MS tested for quality and purity before they are sold. The company’s commitment to quality is what makes their essential oils the purest and highest quality oils we’ve reviewed to date.

According to the official website, their oils are also indigenously sourced, which further adds to the quality of the oils once they are manufactured. There’s a lot to like about Better Essentials, and we recently received a sample of two of their products, which we can share our experience with today.

Our Experience With Better Essentials

A few months ago, a representative from Better Essentials sent us a sample of their grapefruit and orange essential oils. We decided to try both out over a span of two weeks, and this was our experience:


grapefruit_1024x1024In our opinion, grapefruit is an often under-utilized essential oil, so we wanted to see how many different ways we could use it.

We added 4 drops of the grapefruit essential oil into a diffuser and placed it in our living room, which added a pleasant aroma to the entire bottom floor. It also had a calming effect, much like lavender, and it was nice to have the diffuser running when we were trying to read or meditate later in the evening.

Grapefruit is also great for cleaning, which we used on our floors and windows. The whole house smelled great, and we were pleasantly surprised at how well grapefruit + warm water was able to scrub the floors and clean the windows.


orange_76113de6-8123-4827-a12f-b6fa74170d14If you know anything about orange, then you’ll know it makes for a great cleaner. That’s how we used it at least. We added it to our warm water to clean the wood floors we have in our hallway and dining room, and it offered us a pleasant aroma and did the job cleaning and polishing our wood floors.

My wife also added a few drops to her bath at night, and she claimed it has soothing effects, particularly related to symptoms of PMS. I can’t confirm this, but I can only take her word for it.

Other Better Essentials Products

In total, there are well over 30 individual essential oils sold by Better Essentials, and we ended up ordering lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, and a few others.

In addition, Better Essentials sells “blends” that combine several essential oils for a specific purpose. For example, the “cool relief” blend uses peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, and clove oil to soothe aches, burns, and pains. The “zen” blend uses ginger, lavender, grapefruit, and peppermint to calm down your nerves, relief stress, and generally help you channel your inner zen.

Would We Recommend Better Essentials?

After looking back on our experience with Better Essentials, we would definitely recommend this company to our friends, family, and of course you. Better Essentials has high quality essential oils that are tested for purity and quality, and their prices are incredibly reasonable.

We give them two thumbs up, and truly have had a positive experience with their products. If you’d like more information on Better Essentials, feel free to visit their official website.