AndroGenyx Edge HPX Review


AndoGenyx Edge HPX is a groundbreaking new testosterone booster specifically designed to help guys with a condition known as (erectile dysfunction disorder), or EDD. Using a number of clinically studied ingredients, AndroGenyx Edge HPX helps to restore male libido, sexual performance, and overall vitality.

Could AndroGenyx Edge HPX be right for you? Read our full review to learn the truth.

How AndroGenyx Edge HPX Works

AndroGenyx Edge HPX works very similar to how a pro-hormone works. Basically, AndroGenyx helps to provide your body with the building blocks to create its’ own testosterone naturally. It does NOT contain any synthetic testosterone so it is not considered a steroid.

Instead, AndroGenyx Edge works directly with your body to help elevate testosterone levels. By taking this product, the hypothalamus sends signals to the pituitary gland that you need more testosterone. Your body then naturally begins to create testosterone and as a result, you’ll have higher testosterone levels.

This somewhat simple process can deliver incredible results. Some of the benefits of taking this revolutionary test booster include:

Side Effects of AndroGenyx Edge HPX

There are three main active ingredients found in AndroGenyx Edge and they include: epimedium, argmatine, and arginine hydrochloride. All of these ingredients are found in common EDD products, similarly to Viagra or Cialis.

Based on our knowledge of how these products work, we believe that this supplement should not possess any side effects or serious risks to your health. We should note that AndroGenyx Edge does thin your blood so if you are on a prescription blood thinner you should be careful.

For most men, we see no reason to suggest AndroGenyx is dangerous in any way. If you do feel uncomfortable trying this product, then we recommend you consult your doctor or primary care physician before ordering.

How to Buy AndroGenyx Edge HPX

AndroGenyx Edge HPX is available for purchase directly from the official website. It also appears like it may be available as a trial offer as well. If you take the trial offer, you’ll be shipped a 14-day trial bottle for you to test out just how incredible this product is before you have to pay for it.

As soon as we learn more about the trial offer, we’ll update our page.

Final Thoughts: Should You Try AndroGenyx Edge HPX?

Overall, AndroGenyx Edge HPX is a high quality supplement for guys with EDD. So far, testimonials have been overwhelmingly positive. Therefore, if you’re a guy struggling with EDD and want to get a quality sex life once more, then you need to try AndroGenyx Edge HPX today!